Recording Secretary

Devon Cunningham


Devon Cunningham is a District Conservationist in Jasper, TN. He has joined Tennessee NRCS in January 2019.


Prior to that, Devon worked as a Soil Conservationist with NRCS in Arkansas, since 2012. In addition, he has served in different 'acting' capacities, ranging from District Conservationist (DC) in four different locations, to serving as a member of the Arkansas State Programs Team.


 Devon currently serves as a member of the Tennessee Civil Rights Advisory Committee (CRAC) as the Black Emphasis Special Emphasis Program Manager. He has held that position since February 2019 in Tennessee, and has previously served on the Arkansas CRAC, since December 2015.  


Devon is an active member of the Tennessee Chapter of the National Organization of Professional Black NRCS Employees (NOPBNRCSE), alongside his national duties on the NOPBNRCSE Executive Board as Recording Secretary. 


Devon is a dedicated individual who likes to take on challenges and promote positive change, all while making sure he can help others along the way.



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